Construction Process

When planning any construction project, there are most often three competing factors. Cost of the project, the Quality performed, and the Time it takes to accomplish. For most professional construction firms, any two of these factors can be easily achieved. The challenge becomes combining all three aspects into a successful project. For DCGC, Quality isn’t a factor that can be compromised, so planning and executing a project in a timely and cost effective way is our goal. Often clients are surprised how much time and effort go into planning a project. It’s important to take time to contemplate what your wants, needs and desires are for your project. This will help us provide the most successful result possible. I will assess these factors, and recommend the most logical path for your particular circumstances.

Most often we can work out the challenges. Usually another professional I work with on a regular basis can help. An Architect, an Interior Designer, or possibly just a vendor of the appropriate products or services.

I prefer to have as many decisions made in advance as possible, often including ordering cabinetry, fixtures, considering design issues and personal aesthetics, and so on, all before starting. Although an unforeseen issue could arise during a project, our experienced crews will tackle those problems efficiently. Thoughtful design, logistical planning and intelligent execution of your project will help to minimize your costs and potential inconveniences that can occur during construction.