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Welcome to David Costa General Contracting LLC

Our principle, David Costa, is a classically trained designer schooled in ‘Bauhaus’ theory, a principle that’s influential in much of modern architecture and international design. “Form following function” drives our design philosophy, for no matter how beautiful something is, if it doesn’t function well its aesthetic beauty is worthless. After studying Color Theory at the Rhode Island School of Design, Costa apprenticed with Paul G. Busse, an internationally acclaimed landscape designer and creative display artist.

We believe in tying together a rich architectural history and deep understanding of design with the practical, real world application of best-in-class construction practices and materials. Together, these yield a product that is both aesthetically pleasing, cost efficient, and well managed, delivering on the adage “Attention to detail requires detailed attention. ”

With our background in design, we also are adept at working with your existing architect or designer to execute a project that’s already been realized on paper. Our experience scope allows us to speak “architect-ease,” and we’re comfortable identifying the potential pitfalls that arise as a paper dream becomes a three-dimensional space you work and live in.