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What Can a General Contractor Do for You?

A general contractor works with you to determine your needs, desires, and goals for your space. They can:

1. Assist in planning your project, sometimes working with an Architect, Interior Designer, or both.
2. Receive quotes from subcontractors to arrive at an acceptable budget.
3. Determine a construction schedule, and organize and plan in advance, accordingly.
4. Manage the execution of your project, including coordinating all of the construction disciplines.
5. Control quality and costs.
6. Provide options.
7. Provide cost updates, billing and payments to subcontractors in an appropriate fashion.
8. Schedule and meet with City or County inspectors, if the project requires them.

To sum it up, a general contractor saves you time, money and the stress of dealing with the details of your remodeling project, so you can relax and enjoy your new space.